Seamless customer on-boarding through facial authentication

Effortlessly meet KYC and AML requirements with ISO certified cost efficient solution.


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What we offer

Identity Verification

Identify customers with facial biometric

Document Verification

Verify authenticity of document through OCR and machine learning

Liveness Check

Prevent spoofing with ISO certified Liveness detection.


Identify and verify customers in compliance with regulatory requirements

Sanctions Screening

AML & PEP (Politically exposed person) checks that fit your business needs


Identity Verification

Know the True Identity of Your Customers

ID Proofing Check

ID document authentic and valid

Similarity Check

Person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo

Liveness Check

Person holding the ID physically present during the transaction


Comply with growing regulations & directives including GDPR, PSD2, KYC and AML

Comply in Real Time

On-boarding integrity through non-stop live session

Sanctions and PEP List Screening

Integrated screening program to reduce risk and comply with regulatory requirements


Convenient platform for users to view and edit customers applications. Helpful tool for regulatory reporting


Document Verification

Verify Customer IDs in Real Time


Captures front and back of photo ID documents using cutting-edge technologies to get best possible image quality


Data is automatically extracted from identity documents to definitively assess their authenticity


Computer vision, machine learning, AI and verification experts are used together to verify IDs in real time

ISO Certified Liveness Check

The intuitive interface makes Certified Liveness Detection and 3D Face Matching fast, easy and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device. During onboarding, 2 second video-selfie verifies Liveness, analyzes your 3D FaceMap. Find out more here:

10 Billion + devices

For all modern smart devices and webcams

Compatible with all environments

Works in Real-World Lightning Conditions

Say goodbye to spoofs

3D liveness detection offers state of the art fraud detection. We even pay 75,000$ if you can fool the solution


Use Cases

Know Your Customer

Regulated entities are required to comply with AML/CTF law and have an obligation to perform KYC checks.

User On-boarding

Make user on-boarding swift, safe, and scalable

User Verification

Increase trust and retention of client's platform

Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection based on OCR and machine learning prevent document fraud

Age Verification

Avoid selling age-restricted goods or services.

Driver Registration

Protects car rental fleet with secure driver verification


Financial Services

Save your time and money, replace conventional face-to-face identification process with biometric identification


Comply with Know Your Player (KYP) requirements

Marketplaces and Communities

Increase trust to your service by using biometric authentication

Retail and eCommerce

Do your business with confidence while we will assure high level of safety, prevent fraud and user takeovers


Continue to diagnose and treat patients remotely. Identity verification with Kvalifika can help you quickly enable telehealth services while protecting doctor-patient interactions

Online Education & Testing Services

Maintain the integrity of virtual classrooms and testing environments. Klavifika can help verify that the actual enrolled student is participating in online curriculum and exams

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We are industry professionals with years of experience in fintech and IT technologies. Founded and backed-up by talended IT development team of VOBI LLC, our mission is to bring a safe, reliable and affordable solution.

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