How Kvalifika and Are Partnering to Effectively Serve Customers Remotely

Identity Verification is becoming more relevant than ever in the financial industry. It helps companies efficiently improve their services and acquire more users. 

Here at Kvalifika, we try to develop the best possible product so that our customers can improve their services with our help. That’s why we communicate with them frequently and ask for feedback and solve every problem they might have. 

In this article, we would like to introduce one of the companies we’ve been working with from the financial industry - Georgian Leasing Company. There are several ways to obtain finances when you want to purchase an asset for a specific reason. Leasing is one of the most common forms of financing. Both physical and legal entities widely use it, and it takes a couple of simple steps to purchase various types of assets or receive funds. 

We just recently had a chat with their IT Project Manager - Irakli Svanidze. The interview was very interesting. We talked about the “Georgian Leasing Company”, their products, challenges, and how they use the Kvalifika services to improve their products. Enjoy!

To get readers up to speed, tell us about your company. What is

Georgian Leasing Company was established in 2001. We were the first company in the region to offer customers leasing services as an alternative way of financing. Our products are suitable for startups, small, medium-sized, and large businesses. Since 2015, we have been offering physical entities as well to take advantage of our wide range of services. 

Our company quickly took a leading position in the Georgian financial market. Our goal is to establish long term business relationships and build trust with our customers.

What Products do you offer to your customers?

We have several products that we offer to everyone who wants to work with us. Our customer can either be a legal entity or a physical person. Terms are different for both of these types of clients because of their needs and specifics of this industry. Our products include Financial Lease, Leaseback, Operating Lease, and Turbo Import. 

Primarily, we serve clients in the local market. Many of our customers are legal entities who might need to purchase machinery or other movable assets to run their business successfully. Also, there are cases when we help companies that need to obtain additional funds. 

Tell us about the main technical challenges for you to successfully deliver the service?

One of the biggest challenges we have is to make sure that every component of our core software works properly and customers have no problems using it. They need to smoothly go through every step, such as onboarding, providing the relevant information about the service, and verification. When customers come to our platform, their main goal is to get financial support from us as fast as possible, so it is essential to deliver quality service on time. 

As mentioned, one of the critical components of this procedure is verification. That’s where we use help from Kvalifika - their online identity verification software helps us to quickly onboard clients, register them in our database, and give them precise feedback in a short amount of time.

How do Kvalifika products help you efficiently verify your potential customers and onboard them?

Most of the time, we use Kvalifika online identity verification tools to onboard our physical clients and make sure that they are who they claim to be. The goal is to effectively analyze their data, which assists our final decision-making process. This step is essential for us to understand our client’s perspectives, check their background, and make the most suitable offer for them. Verification tools help us to be more precise and save time while onboarding new, trustworthy clients.

Before using this verification system, the procedure was very long and inefficient - potential customers had to come to the office and have one-to-one meetings with our representatives to complete the onboarding steps. This is the way we used to get relevant information about them to make an offer. But after discovering online tools, the system has changed, giving us a chance to remotely offer instant, fast, and reliable services to everyone interested in our products.  

Why did you choose Kvalifika services?

One of the biggest factors that pushed us to use Kvalifika services was the feedback we saw from their other clients on the Georgian Market - the team is dedicated to finding fresh and effective solutions, which helps them stand out. We have excellent communication with the team, and they are happy to help if any problems occur, which is very practical when dealing with such complex systems.

Other than that, Kvalifika products help us easily track and manage the verification flow that our customers are going through daily. Their Control and Analytic centre has the ability to track and monitor our success rate and problems that users come across. It shows us the complete insights about failed sessions, so we can quickly act on them and let customers know exactly how they can proceed. 

These were the factors that made us choose Kvalifika as a partner. Their products help us to know our customers better and advance services on the highest level.


"We are always happy to help organisations deliver their services to their customers effortlessly using our products. Our tools help companies easily integrate the identity verification software into their platform and effectively start onboarding clients. Take a look at our solutions and contact us if you have any questions. We are open to talk!"