What to expect from the SBC Summit 2021

See you at the SBC Summit CIS 2021 in Kyiv!

This week, our team will be attending SBC Summit CIS 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

With over 1,500 delegates, 80 speakers, and 20 exhibitors, SBC Summit is the premier event for betting and gaming in the CIS region. 

We are very excited about this wonderful opportunity to partner up with Sports Betting Community and be present in such an important summit for the industry. In this article, we would like to tell you all about the SBC, our expectations, and Identity Verification in the Gambling industry in general. 

What is SBC?

Sports Betting Community (SBC) is dedicated to developing the gaming and betting industries. They work together with industry leaders and experts as a news, media, and events company. Their events are designed for senior executives focused on sports betting, digital marketing, payments industries. On the other hand, SBC is the largest news publisher in the betting and gaming industry. 

SBC Summit CIS 2021

SBC events, in general, are well-known throughout the industry as the world's leading sports betting industry event series. The SBC Summit CIS conference and exhibition is explicitly dedicated to the CIS region's sports betting and gaming industry. 

It is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in markets across the CIS and Eastern Europe. This region can offer exceptional opportunities for anyone involved in this industry. This event brings together the very best industry experts to share more about the opportunities in their countries, such as Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and the Baltic States.

What to expect from the event?

We look at this event as a brilliant opportunity to meet the industry professionals and make valuable connections that will help us showcase our product and solutions. 

Over the last couple of months, the sports betting and gaming industry has been one of the focuses of our team. We are looking forward to understanding more about this industry by attending the various presentations and panel discussion sessions about this topic at SBC Summit.

Let’s take a look at the overview of this industry in general.

Identity Verification in the Gaming industry

The online gambling industry is increasing worldwide. Today, it is a significant recreational activity in many countries. However, because of the major technological advancements, the way of gaming has evolved a lot over the last couple of decades. The online gaming industry is growing a lot faster than land-based gambling.

If we look at the European market, the online gambling industry is rising 10% every year. This market is expected to reach approximately 29.3 billion euros in Gross Gambling Revenue by 2022. 

Despite these statistics, the online gambling industry is still facing a number of challenges. Every year, gambling businesses fail to combat online gambling frauds and ID verification issues. Most online casinos are at high risk of online fraud.

But online identity verification solutions are here to help. With services such as ID verification and biometric authentication, these companies help gambling businesses eliminate fraud. It can help you determine if the person is the one who they claim to be. Besides, you get to know about your customers' age, physical address, and other important information. 

At Kvalifika, we develop products that can help gambling companies comply with KYC and AML requirements. Ignoring these frameworks might cause enormous fines for the companies. Identity verification can play a significant role in preventing fraud and scams in the gambling industry. 

Let’s connect!

We are very excited to be present at the SBC Summit CIS 2021 and can't wait to meet potential partners to understand more about their business and offer our help. Our CEO, Gabriel Meliva, will dive deep into the Online Identity Verification topic during his keynote presentation to share insights into betting companies' challenges in general. 

Additionally, our team has prepared a surprise for anyone who will connect and ask for more information about our services. See you there!