The Product Review of Kvalifika. An enterprise-grade identity verification software for small and medium sized companies.

Companies worldwide are tackling the problems that come with moving services online - they are forced to digitize their products more than ever. Online identity verification has become a huge trend recently. Companies need to have an easy system that helps them keep track of all the updates on their platform. 

Kvalifika offers an online identity verification product with seamless integration in minutes.

In this article, we would like to show what our platform offers and take a close look at the tools we are developing daily. Let’s dive deep into the product and see how we can help to build trust with your customers online. 

How to use the Kvalifika Product?

Kvalifika tools help you quickly verify your users and maintain the security of your service. It gives you information about your user's details and activities. The product has two sides. One that your users experience (Verification Flow), and another one that lets you keep track of their information.

Let's check both of these services out.

Going through the identity verification process with Kvalifika products is pretty simple. First, you need to prepare the identification document you'd like to get verified with - it can be either passport, ID card, Driver License, or Residence Permit. Then you can start the procedure. The next step is to go through the visual identification - here, you should make sure that your image is clear and your face is not covered with shadow. After that, you must take a picture of your document as well. The procedure has to be continuous and without any interruptions from other apps. 

For more clarity, take a look at the video instructions.

On the other hand, when using the Kvalifika service for your company to verify users, you get access to the Activity Dashboard, which shows you the entire profile step-by-step. The sections are broken down into different categories such as Dashboard, Sessions, Logs, User Management, Branding, Configuration, and more. 


The Activity Dashboard of Kvalifika.

Let’s quickly take some examples and go through some of these sections, which might be interesting to look at.

Dashboard is where you can control the status of usage of Kvalifika products and manage them from one place. Here you have information about Liveness and Age Check, Document Verification, and Awaiting Actions. You can track the sessions from the Volume table placed below and Export the whole data if needed. 

Sessions let you track every user that has tried to verify themselves to access your platform. Here you can see the complete information regarding the session - from document details to liveness and the session status. 


Sessions control section.

Logs help you to be updated with everything that has been going on through your platform. It can provide details such as Sign-in information, Company settings updates, or the new user details. 

Branding gives you a chance to design the Verification Flow and align it to your brand manual. That way, your users have more understanding that their personal information is secure and used only to access your service online. This section is broken down into three categories - Text, First page, and Customization, which gives you quite flexible adjustment options.



Branding customisation. 

The pricing

Kvalifika offers three different Subscription plans, which you can choose according to your needs. The plans are Small, Medium, and Enterprise. Here’s how the pricing breaks down for each plan:

  • Small - $109 per month. It includes 100 verifications, document authentication, and data storage for six months.    

  • Medium - $259 per month. Includes 300 verifications, data storage for 12 months, and everything that the previous plan has. 

  • Enterprise - this plan is for a higher volume of verifications. The approach, in this case, is individual, depending on each client. 

Who is using the Kvalifika services?

The product has received a lot of positive reviews from clients in recent months. The team has been working hard to achieve these results and become the market leader in the region. Our portfolio is full of companies from various industries, such as Financial Services, Gambling, Telecommunications, Sharing Economy, Education, and more. 

For example, Pasha Bank is a financial institution operating in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. Our product helps them to verify their clients remotely and meet KYC requirements effectively. 

Why choose Kvalifika?

If you want to run a business in 2021, you need to realise that it comes with many challenges. The global pandemic has accelerated the procedure of moving services online, which causes an essential need to make sure that everything is secure. It is important to know your customers and have an easy system that will help you validate users. 

Kvalifika products offer you to generate the verification link quickly, integrate it into your platform, and send it to the users to verify them before accessing your online service. The dashboard lets you have an overview of all the verification activities within your platform, making it easy for everyone to get updates and eliminate fraud.

Our team here at Kvalifika is working hard to ensure that the product is unique and easy to use with the tools we are building daily. We are moving towards the goal step-by-step and have a clear vision in mind. Let us know if you want to be part of a journey and try out our tools.